Barcodes go mobile!


Barcodes go mobile!

I have one problem with my mobile.  now it performs such wild and wonderful things I keep on forgetting how to use that old technology we used to use a lot called the telephone. What’s more than that is i sometimes forget how to access it. I suppose I shouldn’t really complain. I can now do most things just by moving my thumb. Well now those clever techy guys at Android have gone one step further and created a neat little app that allows you to scan barcodes on the fly. Cool.

Why do I need to scan barcodes on my mobile?

Barcodes on mobile phones are feeding back slightly different information to the consumer intending to buy than the cashier at a store checkout. After all your not all that concerned how much stock a shop may have in – and they don’t want you to have that data anyway.  No, this is more about getting a much deeper understanding of the product without having to track down an elusive assistant for the next half an hour. By clicking on two different barcodes in a range you can get an idea of subtle differences and nuances.

Perhaps the most powerful factor that comes with the new barcode scanning device is the capacity to also inform you about what other customers or clients have fed back on the product. With the new scanning device from Android you can check out recent reviews. It also allows you to check out prices.

Best of all the Barcode scanner application from Android is totally free. All you do is go into the marketplace (or Google play) on your phone, search and download. There are a few different ones to choose from but i want to highlight the best of the bunch here – the original android scanner  ShopSavvy.

Simple to use, all you do is aim your camera (so that’s why I’ve got a camera on my telephone!!) at any product and on the beep and you will then be presented with a list of local and online prices for that product.  It enables the user to locate the best online and local prices. America as always is streets ahead and with the latest application called ShopSavvy Wallet,  you can add your credit card and you can purchase from such retailers as Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and – on the fly. Instantly. Cool.


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