Barcodes for all environments


Barcodes for all environments

barcode labelsThe barcode label is used in most manufacturing situations but because products are retailed and sold in extreme environments they need to be able to withstand the coldest and the hottest. Here at tantolabels we advise our clients which resource will suit their unique project.

The Barcode is more than just a product identifier…

As computer technology has moved forward the amount of information that can be held in a barcode has increased substantially. It offers precious information about sales trends, amount of stock, and information concerning pricing etc. This information can be essential in analysing a  products performance and organising future stock.

Testing the Barcode

Barcodes need to be able to withstand excessive heat. Because they are made from thermoplastic material (as is the adhesive) there is a likelihood that extreme heat will lead to the adhesive running and the barcode subsequently loosing its grip on the product. In the same way when a barcode label under intense heat for a long period it is likely the ink will begin to run. therefore look for the extreme temperature the barcode label can take before it will run.

The opposite extreme of course is cold. But this can occur at normal room temperature. If a barcode label is attached to a cold product at room temperature it will loose its attaching capacity. So for exceptionally cold environments, Freezer grade adhesive labels, also called low-temperature adhesives must be used. These are found on food items needing to be stored in cooler environments where temperatures are maintained at around 10 degrees.

Bright lights can reduce the effectiveness of how a scanner reads a barcode label. If a light catches the label in a bad way the label may not be read correctly. For this reason a matt surface is used on quality Barcode labels. It is also wise to use laminated UV screens which through extra protection extend the life of the barcode label.

In certain situations the label itself needs to be strong and so in so the manager needs to consider metallic materials for the label. This may be more expensive at the outset but can only lead to a good investment. Moisture or humidity may be an issue in some environments and lamination can also help here. Lamination can also protect against chemicals in the vicinity.

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