Using Barcode labels effectively in health-care


Using Barcode labels effectively in health-care

barcodelabelsThe power of barcode label technology continues to become more and more an everyday tool used in almost all parts of our community life. Barcode labels systems continue to thrive because of their accuracy, ease of use,  timely feedback and ultimately they  lead to increased productivity in whichever sector you may be working in.

Barcode labels in hospitals

For some time now barcode labels are being used very successfully in healthcare environments. A Nurse of doctor can acces essential information quickly and efficiently by scanning a barcode label on a patients wrist band in hospital. This in effect reduces human error to a larger degree, cuts down on process tasks, and captures up to date information in real time.

Streamlining barcode use in Hospital environments

All businesses need absolute accuracy in data collection to ensure processes move forward positively and safely  – but that need is perhaps even more important in the world of health care where human lives many be at risk. A recent study published in June 2012 in the online edition of the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association suggests, however, that wrist bands  with barcode labels still needs some work around helping nurses use the technology to optimum performance in a hospital setting.

Quite clearly it is a highly powerful form of technology that can streamline hospital processes. but unless the nurse feels safe in using it, and is fully trained in all its aspects and understands the boundaries when it can be used its use will remain marginal.

Five rights of patient care

As stated in Barcode news earlier this month: Bar codes in medication administration can, at their most basic level, help verify the “five rights” of patient care:  the right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, and right time. Getting buy-in from the nurses responsible for administering the drugs using can accelerate acceptance of the technology and improve its appropriate use.

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