New Barcode helps the visually impaired


New Barcode helps the visually impaired

We tend to take the technology that makes our lives comfortable for granted in the modern world and sometimes think too rarely about how those who are not so able as ourselves are able to access the luxuries we live with daily.  At Tantolabels we are glad to report a brand new innovation that takes barcodes to a new level and bring eyes to the visiually impaired.

 Adapting to disabilities

I am always amazed how well the human being can adapt to loosing one of the 5 senses or physical loss. If the will and motivation is there there is no limit to what people can achieve. You only have to spend 5 minutes watching sportsmen and women from the paralympics to be filled with joyful optimism. But there will always be restrictions. and that is where the clever inventions of the human mind come in.

Barcode scanner for the fingertips

Arman Martirosyan, a French student, has invented a technique using barcodes to enable the visually impaired shop independently themselves. It is true  many visually impaired people can shop surprisingly easily in a store they have come to know well. They maybe able to learn where the aisles are, and where the products are likely to be on each aisle. The problem arises when there are daily changes in prices, the store manager decides to move products to different shelves for marketing reasons and most importantly, the difficulty of selecting between many different types of the same product.

Arman has come up with a fingertip barcode scanner. His invention is split into three parts.  A barcode scanner that fits on the fingertip  like a thimble. An earbud earpiece that communicates with the barcode scanner via Bluetooth and thirdly a plug that holds the barcode scanner and earpiece together for storage. The user scans with the end of the finger and the information is sent to the audio device. Reviewers of the design have commented on how unobtrusive it is.

For the visually impaired this does seem like a massive step forward that will help in a further move towards independence and normal living. To read more about the design and product visit Armans Website.

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