New Barcode dynamic helps reduce theft and loss


New Barcode dynamic helps reduce theft and loss

barcode labelsThe whole point of barcodes is to be a nifty almost invisible little device that enables company’s, retailers and manufacturers to keep a track of stock, individual products bought and so a business can easily calculate sales processes, when to replenish resources and predict for the future which products or services are more likely to bring in the profit. now SmartSign’s has gone a step further in making data produced even more powerful.

Nicknamed “multi-part barcode labels”  these new breed of barcode  adds an extra layer of security to the tracking equipment. Designed to improve tracking in itself, the new dynamic here is they prevent theft and increase the chance of asset recovery.  As an extra fail-safe, the tags duplicate information in various parts of the tag to reduce errors and prevent vandals from removing them.

A barcode watch dog

Up to now barcode labels have been used by retailers to highlight ownership and make it extra difficult for a thief to pass off a product as their own. They can be easily used within the justice system as proof of ownership. The beauty of this new barcode is it can be used many times on one product.

For example, Some will come in packs of 4 or 5 identical parts.  Each label can also have the same serial number but with a different letter suffix.  Some multi-part tags also have a main label and a mini-label which is the perfect size for file folders.  A label can be placed on a vial and a matching mini-label with the same bar code number can be placed on a paper form or file folder for the office records. The labels can have security cuts to show if the labels have been tampered with.  Some labels can void the warranty when the seal is broken. There are also destructible labels that break into tiny pieces when they are removed, preventing vandals from removing the labels.

The other option is to have 4-in-1 Asset Tags that have a main label with custom text, bar code and number, in addition to 3 mini-labels that have just the number. This is useful for recording one item in multiple departments by placing the main tag on the item and the other tags in the paper form in the different departments.  Alternatively, different parts of the tag can be placed in different parts of the equipment.  The multi-part labels can also be used to inventory various small items, such as books in a library.

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