6 Ways barcode labels can save you time and money


6 Ways barcode labels can save you time and money

barcode labelsSome of the  most essential inventions in the modern world are taken for granted. That is probably what makes them so good – they fit so snugly into our daily life and meet our requirements so easily that we never give them a second thought. Barcode labels have been around for decades  the consumer  rarely gives a second thought to how all the clever but simple technology allows them to zoom through the Friday night checkout.  The businessman too tends to view t barcode labels one dimensionally and often does not use it to its full potential. Below are 6 ways in which  simple barcode labels can help save any business big or small start saving time and money.

Keeping track of stock

Once a basic Inventory tracking system is in place processes are faster, you have relevant data at your finger-tips and you are ultimately in control of your stock at any one time.

Enhance auditing of business assets

Keeping a track of fixed assets and IT assets within any business whether large or small can be a headache but barcode systems can be used in exactly the same way as with stock. Barcoded asset tags are attached to each asset, and can be scanned to check items in or out in your asset tracking software. Ultimately this makes accountability easier and streamlines auditing.

Introducing the barcode scan sheet

Many items in stock are just too small to add a barcode label to. (think screws nails, nuts etc). In order to keep the checkout process streamlined consider adding a scan sheet. Here the cashier has a well organised list of all the stock in store. She can then just find the item and scan the barcode next to it.

Barcode labels and mail

If your company sells products that require registration by post, add a barcode to the return-mail registration postcard that matches the product’s serial number, and then you can instantly track which serial numbers are registered

Track RSVP’s

Expecting a lot of RSVP’s from consumers attending an event? Simply add the barcode to the RSVP postcard to track who has responded.

Security in invoicing

Adding a barcode that represents the client numbe,r when sending out an invoice, makes for a much easier way to match client with invoice when payment is made – leading to less chance of incorrect admin and a much more controllable process.


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