Barcodes and the love scene…


Barcodes and the love scene…

barcode labelsBarcode labels just got super cool.  Now you can apparently use QR codes to find the one true love in your life. Especially if you are a bit shy and would rather send a message than face the risk of being rejected to your face.  How many times at that night club or pub  have you been trying to build up the courage to ask her out, get that fit guys attention, or venture  that killer chat up line? Well, the message maybe in the bottle.

Barcode message in a bottle…

There seems no end to how barcode labels can be used to make our lives more informative, organised, secure and dynamic. But more than just  a way to deal with manufacturing, stock lists, and payment processes a bar in Singapore has come up with a brilliant idea of how romantic messages can be sent via a simple beer bottle… and increase profit at the same time.

Increasing pub interaction and profits

At Harry’s Bar, they have introduced a new way of using QR codes which has lead to a greater interaction of their clientèle and almost doubled the amount of drinks sold.

The way it works is the beer  is bought with a tag – a cardboard surround over the neck of the bottle. This has the barcode label on it and instructions on how to download the mobile app. You then create the text you want to send to the person you have spied in the pub and scan the barcode. The bottle is then taken over to the person, they scan the barcode and get your message and if they want they send a message back.

Everyone’s a winner, unless of course she’s washing her hair later, and as yet barcode labels do not have a logical solution to that problem.

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