Barcode labels in education


Barcode labels in education

barcode labelsTechnology is now integrated into every part of a child’s life Smartphones, iphones, tablets laptops and computers are as much an essential household item as the telly. So it is no surprise that education is now teaching with the same technologies. And the latest most powerful kid on the block is QR codes.

The National academy of Teachers and QR codes

The Siemens Foundation based in America, supports education in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Together with Discovery Education they have introduced the STEM education program for teachers. Many interesting projects have come out of the the resulting National Academy of Teachers with QR codes.

Linking to Portfolios

Vicki Davis, a real believer in the power of QR codes in the classroom asked her students to use use QR codes to link to virtual portfolios. For example, a student’s cover page would include a QR code that links to an online summary of his or her work for the year. From that summary, students create hyperlinks to blog post assignments, videos, and more. Clearly this idea could be used outside of the classroom  – in business and CV’s etc.

Adding education to still life

It was also Ms. Davis’ idea to attach QR codes to trophies in the school’s trophy case. The QR codes link to videos taken at celebration assemblies and potentially the championship events themselves. In this way inanimate objects can hold an unlimited amount of informational and educational information. Linking QR codes to school videos isn’t limited to sports events. For example, videos of lectures, school-wide assemblies with guest speakers, and the principal’s addresses to students could all be captured and distributed via QR codes.

Down and dirty with local business

Emerging Technologies teacher Melanie Wiscount had her students create documentaries featuring local businesses and tag them with mobile QR codes. The QR codes were displayed at the featured businesses, and provided patrons access to the student work. The whole process gave students the opportunity to write, produce, distribute, and promote their own work.

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