Barcode Labels enhance food safety


Barcode Labels enhance food safety

Barcode labelsFood safety has become intrinsic and essential to all food manufacturers suppliers and providers. With ease of exporting in the modern world, food is shipped over long distances and so there is a need to keep a track of where the foodstuffs came from and any other data that may determine its suitability for consumption. Barcode labels are being used to a greater extent to afford businesses not only an accurate tracking system but they are also cutting costs on processes.

Accurate Tracking systems through Barcode Labels

An Orange grower and distributor of Oranges in Lindsay, California, LoBue Citrus, has found that by using barcode labels on the crates of their products they have an accurate tracking system of products shipped, they reduced cost of operations and can react immediately (and trace)   any product that is recalled due to safety reasons.

Reduced Labour costs

The  manual systems used before would have taken 4 – 6 hours of labour and not guaranteed accuracy. Owners of Lobue citrus now estimate that due to the reduction in labour costs they will be able to payback the initial outlay of the system in under 2 years.

Tom Clark, Operations Manager at LoBue citrus said to Barcode News  “We needed a better solution for food traceability. We needed a system that would chart the ‘custody’ of the crates of fruit, for each station along the way. We hope we never need it, of course, and our record to date is impeccable, but we are meeting PTI requirements in food traceability. Through barcode labels on each pallet and also each carton of fruit, we are confident that, should a problem arise, we can have an answer within a few minutes by knowing which farm the fruit came from, how it was grown, any pesticides or fertilizers used in the process, and the day the fruit was harvested, hauled and shipped.”

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