1,000 Barcode Labels to Hong Kong or China for £28.00… Delivered


1,000 Barcode Labels to Hong Kong or China for £28.00… Delivered

barcode labels to chainaYes, it’s hardly seems possible Tanto Labels can provide 1,000 Barcode labels delivered  to any destination in Mainland China and Hong Kong for just GBP £28.00. What’s more, the prices get even cheaper for higher volumes.

Need Barcode Labels in China?

How are we able to do this, it’s simple, customers place orders on our website or by email, FTP etc, we send the data to our partner barcode print shops in Hong Kong and China. The print shop over-prints barcode labels using stocks of blank labels and ships to factories across China using national courier. Labels are verified to meet strict quality standards before despatch and are typically delivered  2-3 days after the order has been placed.  Our turnaround for UK barcode orders is 1-2 days so the China operation is almost as fast as our UK service.

Unique Tanto Service

The service offered by Tanto Labels is a key USP and not widely offered by other barcode label manufacturers. The world-wide barcode label printing service has been in operation for over two years, with over two thousand orders completed so far.  From our China and Hong Kong print-shops we can also supply labels to other locations in Asia including Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, at increased shipping cost.

Benefits to customers are very attractive, having essential barcode and other variable data  labels applied to packaging at source, helps to reduce or eliminate post import processing, and ensures compliance with ever-stricter  QA requirements. Overall cost of processing can be reduced and lead-times can be significantly reduced.

We can produce almost all types of barcode and price labels, tickets and tags and including custom colours, shapes and sizes.

We plan  to expand our print-shop network  to other locations including India, Turkey and Eastern Europe.  There is strong demand from major European and US retailers to have high quality labels, tickets and tags supplied to factories at source.

Tanto Labels is developing a  flexible and far-reaching print-shop network  to meet this growing demand. To find out more call, email or contact us here.






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