Back to Basics with Barcode Label Placement


Back to Basics with Barcode Label Placement

barcode labelsSo many of our last few articles have been about how the barcode is becoming more dynamic and effective and essential in all areas of our modern community. A Barcode label can now apparently be used on Funeral headstones, to send messages to someone you fancy on alcohol bottles, and even help scientists in micro-biology. From being a simple retail device for controlling stock and streamlining payment processes, they now have their own voice and are used commonly now on mobile phones.

Barcode Label on packaging

A recent article in barcodes on how the barcode label is used on packaging took us back to earth. For the barcode to be effective for business, be cost effective and dynamic it needs to be used properly. So lets stop the singing and dancing for a second and get back to basics and make sure your business is placing your barcode labels effectively.

Streamlining processes

This may sound at first glance all a bit pedantic. After all, if the barcode label is on the packaging what else could really matter. But statistics have shown that precise placing can streamline cashier services and so obviously save time, labour, and money. Barcode News approached Bert Moore, the Technical Director of Communications for Aim who confirmed that even the GS1 General Specifications had recently changed its guidance for placement at the edge of a commodity by as little as 3mm. This is because it has been found that cashiers tend to grab items by their edges (recommended edge distance 8mm) – so that extra bit of space is likely to improve check out efficiency.

As the GS1 states, the best place for a barcode label is in the bottom right hand corner on the back of the item:

“Preferred bar code placement is on the lower right quadrant of the back (of the item), respecting the proper Quiet Zone areas around the bar code and the edge rule. Placement on the bottom is acceptable, except for large or heavy items. However, back (side) marking is preferred.”

Like everything in the barcode label arena, precision brings tiny changes that lead to big results.


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