A Barcode for your headstone?


A Barcode for your headstone?

barcode labelsIn these modern times high technology is getting into every area of our lives. The computer, the mobile phone and even the trusty barcode label have become not only essential to our business and commercial lives but also to our personal lives. Well, its now gone  a stage further. The Daily Mail reported this week that that the barcode label may well be following us to our graves.

The Last barcode

Apparently Barcode labels have been snapped up by the funeral industry. Funeral director Chester Pierce based in Poole in Dorset is the first to use QR codes as part of  his burial services. It is seen as a way to inform both close family and friends about information about the deceased.

At first you kind of gape in horror and it all sounds a little bit of a tacky joke. But the fact is when you look into what barcodes could offer it actually makes absolute sense and could actually catch on. a way to keep memories and feelings fresh, and also create accessible information for those interested in generations past. somebody preparing for there own death can contribute to what is accessible and add to their own immortality.

Accessing the information through QR codes

The way it works is by placing a barcode on the headstone. The QR code is etched into a small granite square and then embedded into the gravestone.  Anyone viewing the grave who would like to know more about the deceaesed can then access information by swiping the headstone with their mobile phone with the QR and barcode technology. It can also offer sentimental material such as tributes from family and friends,  as well such as photographs and videos. the information would be taken form a website that contains the necessary information.

Chester Pierce managing director Stephen Nimmo said: “I thought we could use technology to provide more information about people who have died to bring back the memories. People can make their websites as simple or as complicated as they like and add as much or as little information as they want.”

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