Toshiba Extends Life of B-SX4 barcode label printer


Toshiba Extends Life of B-SX4 barcode label printer

Today Toshiba TEC announced it has extended the production life of the ever-popular B-SX4 Barcode Label Printer.  Production was originally planned to cease in March 2012, which is now extended to March 2013. The B-SX4 printer has been a hugely successful industrial label printer, as was its predecessor the B-472 barcode label printer.

So there is a considerable overlap period where users can continue to purchase the outgoing model, while demand increases for the newly launched B-EX4 replacement.

It was originally designed to take the place of the highly successful B-472 model which was known for its superior performance in a variety of industries such as textiles, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and of course manufacturing. The B-SX4 barcode label printer certainly has been popular with with businesses for its cost effective running, its programmable BASIC Command Interpreter and perhaps most of all its flexibility with interfacing with other high tech equipment. The B-SX4 has capacity to use RS232C and Centronics parallel,  USB, Wireless LAN, PCMCIA, 10/100 Base Lan interfaces. There are many different types of RFID on the market and the B-SX4 is flexible to work with all varieties available on on ever expanding printing market.

Benefits of the B-SX4 barcode label printer

The other attractive benefits of this popular little barcode label printer is how easily it fits into in-house processes. Because the B-SX4 is so easy to use staff will need very little training to use it. This not only makes processes more streamlined but also it cuts on the training budget as well. And even in this day and age where most products are built with some form of built in obsolescence,   this barcode label printer again comes out on top. Feedback on this little machine constantly points to a piece of equipment that needs little repair or indeed on-going maintenance.  For those looking at long term costs – this barcode label printer is a great buy and its probably why Toshiba have extended production.

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